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020 _a9780099565956
082 _a823.92
100 _aWolf, Jack
245 _aThe Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones
260 _aUnited Kingdom;
_bVintage Publishing;
300 _a549 Pages;
520 _aThe year is 1750. Meet Tristan Hart, precociously talented student of medicine. His obsession is the nature of pain and preventing. He is on a quest to cut through superstition with the brilliant blade of science. Meet Tristan Hart, madman and deviant. His obsession is the nature of pain, and causing it. He is on a quest to arouse the perfect scream and slay the daemon Raw Head who torments his days and nights. Troubled visionary, twisted genius, loving sadist. What is real and what imagined in Tristan Hart's brutal, beautiful, complex world?
650 _aContemporary Fiction
942 _n0