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020 _a9781909623330
082 _a658.40
100 _aGraham-Hyde, Matt
245 _aThe Essential CIO: why the CIO needs to act like the CEO
260 _aUnited Kingdom;
_bPanoma Press;
_c21 Nov 2013
300 _a233 Pages;
520 _aMatt Graham-Hyde - As a CIO of many years, I feel the changes I am witnessing in business and IT are unprecedented. Not only that, but the changes are rewriting the rulebook in a way that hasn't happened since the 1970s when mainframe computers were becoming commonplace. Amazon and Google have changed the way we do business forever with the cloud. We must change our company's ideas, perceptions and behaviours to survive. That change starts with technology change, and the foundational reinvention of information technology taking place today being driven by cloud computing, mobile devices, social media and data analytics. We need to reinvent ourselves in order to survive as businesses and as CIOs. Our future is at stake.
650 _a Business innovation
650 _aCloud computing
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