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020 _a9780099472254
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100 _aMunro, Alice
245 _aRunaway
260 _aUnited Kingdom;
_bVintage Publishing;
_c12 Nov 2005
300 _a368 Pages;
365 _b8.99
520 _aThis is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. The matchless Munro makes art out of everyday lives in this exquisite collection. Here are men and women of wildly different times and circumstances, their lives made vividly palpable by the nuance and empathy of Munro's writing. Runaway is about the power and betrayals of love, about lost children, lost chances. There is pain and desolation beneath the surface, like a needle in the heart, which makes these stories more powerful and compelling than anything she has written before. It is the winner of the Man Booker International Prize 2009.
521 _aGeneral (US: Trade)
650 _aShort stories
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