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See Inside Your Body by
  • Daynes, Katie
  • King, Colin
Publication details: Saffron Hill; Usborne; 2006
Availability: Not available: Karachi: Lost (1). Lahore: Checked out (1).
Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World by
  • Pankhurst, Kate
Publication details: UK; Bloomsbury Publishing; 2016
Availability: Not available: Karachi: Checked out (1). Lahore: Lost (1).
A Beginner's Guide to the Periodic Table by
  • Arbuthnott, Gill
  • Mones, Marc
Publisher: London; A. & C. Black; 2014
Availability: Items available for loan: Lahore (1)Call number: 546.8. Not available: Karachi: Checked out (1).