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Introducing Continental Philosophy: A Graphic Guide by
  • Kul-Want, Christopher
Edition: Compact ed
Publication details: United Kingdom; Icon Books Ltd; 07 Mar 2013
Availability: Items available for loan: Karachi (1)Call number: 190.90. Lahore (1)Call number: 190.90.
The Melancholy Science: An Introduction to the Thought of Theodor W. Adorno by
  • Rose, Gillian
Publication details: United Kingdom; Verso Books; 20 Dec 2013
Availability: Not available: Karachi: Withdrawn (1). Lahore: Lost (1).
Masquerading as a Philosopher by
  • Brookes, Colin
Publication details: United Kingdom; Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd; 04 Dec 2013
Availability: Items available for loan: Lahore (1)Call number: 192. Not available: Karachi: Withdrawn (1).