Critical Theory and Science Fiction.

Freedman, Carl.

Critical Theory and Science Fiction. - 1 online resource (233 pages)

Cover -- Critical Theory and Science Fiction -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Preface -- 1. Definitions -- Critical Theory -- Science Fiction -- 2. Articulations -- Genre, Theory, and Phases of Canon-Formation -- The Critical Dynamic: Science Fiction and Style -- The Critical Dynamic: Science Fiction and the Historical Novel -- The Critical Dynamic: Science Fiction and Utopia -- Science Fiction and the Canon -- 3. Excursuses -- Solaris: Stanisław Lem and the Structure of Cognition -- The Dispossessed: Ursula Le Guin and the Ambiguities of Utopia -- The Two of Them: Joanna Russ and the Violence of Gender -- Stars in My Pocket Like Grains of Sand: Samuel Delany and the Dialectics of Difference -- The Man in the High Castle: Philip K. Dick and the Construction of Realities -- Coda: Critical Theory, Science Fiction, and the Postmodern -- Index -- ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Selected by Choice as an Outstanding Academic Book of the Year. This innovative cultural critique offers valuable insights into science fiction, thus enlarging our understanding of critical theory.


Delany, Samuel R. -- Stars in my pocket like grains of sand.;Le Guin, Ursula K., -- 1929- -- Dispossessed.;Dick, Philip K. -- Man in the high castle.;Russ, Joanna, -- 1937-2011. -- Two of them.;Lem, Stanisław. -- Solaris.;Science fiction -- History and criticism -- Theory, etc.

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