The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy :

Holt, Jason.

The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy : More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory. - 2nd ed. - 1 online resource (375 pages) - The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Ser. ; v.84 . - The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Ser. .

Intro -- The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy: More Moments : of Zen, More : Indecision Theory -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction: From Wiley-Blackwell's World Philosophy Headquarters in Malden -- Segment 1 Headlines: Faux News Is Good News -- 1 Rallying Against the Conflictinator: Jon Stewart, Neil Postman, and Entertainment Bias -- Amusing Ourselves to Death -- The Huxleyan Warning -- Postman and Television News -- The Daily Show and Television News -- Conversation and Crossfire -- Business News, CNBC, and Jim Cramer -- Fox News Sunday and TV's Entertainment Bias -- The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear -- A Huxleyan Moment of Zen? -- Notes -- 2 The Fake, the False, and the Fictional: The Daily Show as News Source -- Is The Daily Show Fiction? -- Hilarious Make-'Em-Ups -- Sheer Outrageousness and Surprising Truth -- The Role of "Senior" Correspondents -- Playing Dumb -- The Daily Show, Our Government, and Other News Outlets -- The Daily Show v. The Onion -- Fake News, Real Messages -- Notes -- 3 The Daily Show: An Ethos for the Fifth Estate -- All the Fake News Fit to Print -- The Voice of the People -- The Fifth Estate as a State of Mind -- Notes -- 4 Seriously Funny: Mockery as a Political Weapon -- The Politics of Laughter -- The Dark Side of Mockery -- Mockery, Censorship, and the Free Spread of Ideas -- The Place of Mockery in Politics -- Notes -- 5 Keeping It (Hyper) Real: Anchoring in the Age of Fake News -- Baudrillard's World -- The Walking Talking Hyperreal -- Organize a Fake News Broadcast -- The "Best F#@king News Team Ever" -- The Larger Argument -- Notes -- Segment 2 L ive Report: Jon Stewart (Not Mill) as Philosopher, Sort of -- 6 Jon Stewart: The New and Improved Public Intellectual -- Why Americans Hate Intellectuals -- You Know It's Hard out Here for a Public Intellectual. Stewart's Ironic Blah, Blah, Blah -- "Help Us Hebrew One! You're Our Only Hope!" -- Notes -- 7 Stewart and Socrates: Speaking Truth to Power -- Here Come the Sophists! -- To Scoff at the Sophist in Office -- Men with a Mission -- A Method to Their Madness -- The Audience: Questioning Youths or Stoned Slackers? -- The Irony of It All -- "Monkey" Idol or Thoughtful Partisan Satirist? -- Notes -- 8 Jon the Cynic: Dog Philosophy 101 -- Rebel with a Cause -- Humor Leads to Truth -- A Healthy Dose of Cynicism -- Notes -- 9 "Jews! Camera 3": How Jon Stewart Echoes Martin Buber -- Really? You're Jewish? -- Team Buber -- Passover v. Easter -- Earth (The Book)-Mocking the Sacred -- The New Jersey Connection -- Notes -- Segment 3 Field Report: Politics and Critical Thinking -- 10 More Bullshit: Political Spin and the PR-Ization of Media -- The Essence of Bullshit and the Truth about Lies -- Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire -- More Bullshit, Piled Higher and Deeper -- A New Spin on an Old Art -- Was Frankfurt BS-ing about Spin? -- PR-ization of the Media -- Spin Alley -- Truth Matters -- Notes -- 11 The Senior Black Correspondent: Saying What Needs to Be Said -- Satire: A Tradition of Cultural Criticism -- Operating at the Border -- Heading West -- Larry Wilmore's Jazz Hands -- Notes -- 12 The Daily Show's Exposé of Political Rhetoric -- A Cavalcade of Fallacies -- Tugging at the Heartstrings -- Spin: The Systematic Use of Persuasive Language -- Satirized for Your Protection -- Notes -- 13 The Daily Show Way: Critical Thinking, Civic Discourse, and Postmodern Consciousness -- Civil Disservice -- The Red (Herring) Menace -- "Diss" Ingenuous Bullshitting: Scapegoating and Leaping to Judgment (Day) -- In the Line of Ire: Reframing the Debate -- Look Who's Not Talking Now: Going Beyond Experience -- Show Me the Meta -- Self-Effacement and Good Faith -- Notes. Segment 4 Interview: Religion and Culture -- 14 GOP Almighty: When God Tells Me (and My Opponents) to Run for President -- Newt Gingrich on a Potato -- Pious Politickin' -- Thus Saith Pat -- No Really, It's in the Bible -- Pat "Gay People Cause Hurricanes" Robertson -- Remember, You're Only Human -- Notes -- 15 Profaning the Sacred: The Challenge of Religious Diversity in "This Week in God" -- Exclusivism! −There Can Be Only One -- Inclusivism!−One of Us -- Pluralism!−Inter-Religious Harmony (Against Gays) in Jerusalem -- A Plurality of Pluralisms -- "The God Exchange" Is Now Closed -- Eulogy: The Safe Turn to Politics -- Notes -- 16 Jon Stewart and the Fictional War on Christmas -- There Is No War on Christmas -- The First War for Christmas -- The Modern War for Christmas -- A Wall of Separation between Christians and Christmas -- The Original Meaning of Christmas -- Notes -- 17 Evolution, Schmevolution: Jon Stewart and the Culture Wars -- Evolution: The Fundamentals -- Why, Then, Is There a Problem? -- What Is Intelligent Design, Anyway? -- So, Evolution or Schmevolution? -- Postscript: After (and Before) Dover -- Notes -- Segment 5 Your Moment of Zen: Beyond The Daily Show -- 18 America (The Book): Textbook Parody and Democratic Theory -- Humor with a Point -- Reversing Democracy Inaction -- Government of, by, or for the People? -- Mediating the Media -- Putting Knowledge to Work -- Postscript: Earth (The Book) -- Notes -- 19 A Tea Party for Me the People: The Living Revolution Meets the Originalists -- We the People -- Anti -History -- Notes -- 20 Neologization à la Stewart and Colbert -- Humpty Dumpty and the French Academy -- Wordplaying by the Rules -- Your Moment of Zen -- Notes -- 21 Irrationality and "Gut" Reasoning: Two Kinds of Truthiness -- A Little Background -- Truthiness and Problems of Irrationality. Wishful Thinking and Self-Deception: What Are They? -- The Paradoxes of Irrationality -- One Solution: Divide the Mind -- An Alternative Account -- Truthiness and Self-Deception -- Feeling the Truth: Can Our Guts Get Us Justified Belief? -- A Tip of the Hat -- Notes -- 22 Thank God It's Stephen Colbert!: The Rally to Restore Irony on The Colbert Report -- Ironists: People Destroying America -- Colbert Nation-Building -- Proust-Spouting, Atheist Gay Truck Mechanics -- Speaking Truthiness to Power -- Better Know an Ironist -- Notes -- Senior Philosophical Correspondents -- Index.

Savor moments of Zen like never before, with our Senior Philosophical Correspondents The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy is revised, expanded, and updated to probe deeper than ever before the philosophical significance of the quintessential "fake" news show of the 21st century. Features significant revisions and updates from the first 2007 edition Includes discussion of both The Daily Show and its spin-off, The Colbert Report Reveals why and how The Daily Show is philosophically engaging and significant Showcases philosophers at their best, discussing truth, knowledge, reality, and the American Way Faces head on tough and surprisingly funny questions about politics, religion, and power.


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