Perspectives on Perception.

McCabe, Mary Margaret.

Perspectives on Perception. - 1 online resource (177 pages) - Philosophische Forschung / Philosophical Research Ser. ; v.6 . - Philosophische Forschung / Philosophical Research Ser. .

Intro -- Table of Contents -- List of Contributo -- Preface -- A bit of autobiography Alan Lacey -- A puzzle about how things look R. M. Sainsbury -- The problem of consciousnessand the innerness of the mindJim Hopkins -- Seeing an individual∗ Keith Hossack -- Seeing something and believing IN it Mark Textor -- Phenomenal conceptsare not demonstrative David Papineau -- Kant on the a priori content ofperceptual experience Anthony Savile -- Self-awareness Richard Sorabji -- Perceiving that we see and hear: Aristotle onPlato on judgement and reflection Mary Margaret McCabe.

This series aims to present work by authors who conceive of philosophy as a cooperative scientific enterprise. In this sense it is guided by the methodological ideal of analytic philosophy, while also being open to contributions from any area of philosophy,both of historical or systematic nature.


Perception (Philosophy).

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