Bride of Ice :

Feinstein, Elaine.

Bride of Ice : New Selected Poems. - 1 online resource (187 pages)

Front Cover -- About the Authors -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Contents -- List of Collaborators -- Introduction -- Poems -- Verse -- fromGIRLFRIEND -- Your narrow, foreign shape -- I know the truth -- What is this gipsy passion for separation -- We shall not escape Hell -- Some ancestor of mine -- I'm glad your sickness -- We are keeping an eye on the girls -- No one has taken anything away -- You throw back your head -- Where does this tenderness come from? -- Bent with worry -- Today or tomorrow the snow will melt -- VERSES ABOUT MOSCOW -- from INSOMNIA -- POEMS FOR AKHMATOVA -- POEMS FOR BLOK -- A kiss on the head -- from SWANS' ENCAMPMENT -- Yesterday he still looked in my eyes -- To Mayakovsky -- ON A RED HORSE -- Praise to the Rich -- God help us Smoke! -- Ophelia: In Defence of the Queen -- from WIRES -- Sahara -- The Poet -- Appointment -- Rails -- You loved me -- It's not like waiting for post -- My ear attends to you -- As people listen intently -- Strong doesn't mate with strong -- In a world -- POEM OF THE MOUNTAIN -- POEM OF THE END -- An Attempt at Jealousy -- To Boris Pasternak -- New Year's Greetings -- from THE RATCATCHER -- from Chapter 1 -- from Chapter 2: Dreams -- from The Children's Paradise -- from POEMS TO A SON -- Homesickness -- I opened my veins -- Epitaph -- Readers of Newspapers -- Desk -- Bus -- When I look at the flight of the leaves -- from POEMS TO CZECHOSLOVAKIA -- Notes -- Select Bibliography of Works in English -- Appendix: Note on Working Method by Angela Livingstone.

Intensely emotional and honest, this collection of searing poems about love, loss, jealousy, and fear, explores the literary and social landscape of post revolutionary Russia. Sharply addressing the conflicts between the life of a poet and that of a mother and wife, this enlarged volume, masterfully translated, includes five major poem sequences, one of which was written in 1915 for the poet's lover Sofia Parnok and another in response to poet Rainer Maria Rilke's death. Invoking Stalinist Russia as an underlying theme, this compilation also covers politics and history.


︠T︡Svetaeva, Marina, -- 1892-1941 -- Translations into English.

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