Dutch Literature in the Age of Rembrandt :

Schenkeveld, Maria A.

Dutch Literature in the Age of Rembrandt : Themes and ideas. - 1 online resource (225 pages) - Utrecht Publications in General and Comparative Literature ; v.28 . - Utrecht Publications in General and Comparative Literature .

Maria A. Schenkeveld Dutch Literature in the Age of Rembrandt -- Editorial page -- Title page -- Copyright page -- Table of contents -- Preface -- I. Poets in society -- The Golden Age -- The political situation -- Court culture? -- Literary networks -- The social position of men of letters -- Women -- The poet's reward -- Otium vs. negotium -- The audience -- Theater-going public -- II. Poetry and religion -- The sixteenth century -- The function of sacred literature -- Individualization -- Conquest vs. puritanical avoidance -- Didaxis -- Christian discussion on and regarding the stage -- III. Literature and ideology -- Moral philosophy -- Politics -- IV. The poet and everyday life -- Universal vs. particular -- Genres -- The anti-idealist poetics of Jan Six van Chandelier -- V. Moral landscapes -- Karel van Mander -- Didaxis -- The country house poem -- Water -- VI. Literature and the visual arts -- Ut pictura poesis -- Authors -- Pels vs. Vos -- Epigrams to paintings -- Emblematics -- VII. Hollandas a literary and cultural staple market -- Knowledge of foreign languages -- Importation of literature -- Export of literature -- Ten poems with translations by A.F. Harms -- Pieter Cornelisz. Hooft -- Gerbrand Adriaensz. Bredero -- Joost van den Vondel -- Constantijn Huygens -- Constantijn Huygens -- Jan Six van Chandelier -- WillemGodschalck van Focquenbroch -- Heymen Dullaert -- Jan Luyken -- Chronology -- Bibliographical notes -- General -- Chapter I. Poets in society -- Subtopics -- Chapter II. Poetry and religion -- Chapter III Literature and Ideology -- Chapter IV. The poet and everyday life -- Specific authors -- Chapter V. Moral landscapes -- Chapter VI. Literature and the visual arts -- Chapter VII. Holland as a literary and cultural staple market -- Export of Dutch literature -- Reception of foreign literature. Bibliography A. Primary sources -- Bibliography Β.Secondary sources -- Bibliography C· List of recent translations -- GENERAL -- List of illustrations -- Abbreviations used: -- Photographic acknowledgements -- Index.

Dutch literature of the 17th century, while not as famous as other elements of the culture of the Dutch Golden Age, deserves independent focus, not only because of its own intrinsic worth, but also because of the evidence of strong social concern that it presents and the light it sheds on other aspects of the Golden Age. Despite this, outside the Netherlands the literature has not been examined closely, undoubtedly because of the language barrier, but also because there is no reasonable introduction to the material in English. This book fills that lacuna. Richly illustrated, it groups its subjects thematically: politics, religion, nature, daily life. Because Golden Age painting, in particular, is so famous, the book devotes a special chapter to the connection between poetry and painting. A concluding chapter shows the republic's function as a European literary trading center with brisk import and export. Included also are texts and translations of poems and extensive bibliographies for further study.


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