Truth and Faith in Ethics.

Ramsay, Hayden.

Truth and Faith in Ethics. - 1st ed. - 1 online resource (278 pages) - St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs, 17 ; v.17 . - St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs, 17 .

Cover -- Contents -- Front Matter -- Title Page -- Publisher Information -- Contributors -- Truth and Faith in Ethics -- Editorial Introduction -- Faith in Reason: The Unity of the Right, the Good and the Good Life -- Morality with and without God -- Religion in Public Life -- Public Reason in Bioethics -- Contemporary Moral Philosophy and Happiness -- Ethical Naturalism and the Challenge of Biology -- Happiness, Virtue and Religious Commitments -- For Cause or Comrade -- Ethics, Philosophy and Love -- Friendship, Poignancy and Paradox -- In Defence of Villey on Objective Right -- Natural Law -- Reason, Revelation, Universality and Particularity -- Back Matter -- Appendix. Is God necessary for Morality? An Exchange -- Also Available.

This addition to the St Andrews Studies series contains a wide-ranging collection of essays on all aspects of moral philosophy and its impact upon public life in the twent-first century. The book brings together ethicists from a variety of traditions interested in moral truth and its relation to religious faith. A key theme is interaction between major Catholic thinkers with philosophers from non-religious traditions. Topics include reason and religion, natural law, God and morality, anti-co….


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