Japanese and Continental Philosophy :

Davis, Bret W.

Japanese and Continental Philosophy : Conversations with the Kyoto School. - 1 online resource (347 pages) - Studies in Continental Thought . - Studies in Continental Thought .

Cover -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations of Works by the Kyoto School -- Introduction: Conversations on an Ox Path -- Part 1. The Kyoto School and Dialogue -- 1 Contributions to Dialogue with the Kyoto School -- 2 Dialogue and Appropriation: The Kyoto School as Cross-Cultural Philosophy -- 3 Tanabe Hajime's Logic of Species and the Philosophy of Nishida Kitarō -- Part 2. Self and World -- 4 Philosophy as Auto-Bio-Graphy: The Example of the Kyoto School -- 5 Nishitani after Nietzsche: From the Death of God to the Great Death of the Will -- 6 Empty Soul, Empty World: Nietzsche and Nishitani -- 7 Ueda Shizuteru's Phenomenology of Self and World -- Part 3. God and Nothingness -- 8 Nothing Gives: Marion and Nishida on Gift-giving and God -- 9 Language Games, Selflessness, and the Death of God -- 10 Buddha and God: Nishida's Contributions to a New Apocalyptic Theology -- Part 4. Ethics and Politics -- 11 Other-Power and Absolute Passivity in Tanabe and Levinas -- 12 Beyond the Binary: Watsuji Testurō and Luce Irigaray on Body, Self, and Ethics -- 13 Overcoming Modernity: A Critical Response to the Kyoto School -- 14 Heidegger and Japanese Fascism: An Unsubstantiated Connection -- Part 5. Grammar, Art, and Imagination -- 15 The Middle Voice of Emptiness: Nishida and Nishitani -- 16 Truly Nothing: The Kyoto School and Art -- 17 Logos and Pathos: Miki Kiyoshi's Logic of the Imagination -- List of Contributors -- Index.

Recognizing the importance of the Kyoto School and its influence on philosophy, politics, religion, and Asian studies, Japanese and Continental Philosophy initiates a conversation between Japanese and Western philosophers. The essays in this cross-cultural volume put Kyoto School thinkers in conversation with German Idealism, Nietzsche, phenomenology, and other figures and schools of the continental tradition such as Levinas and Irigaray. Set in the context of global philosophy, this volume offers critical, innovative, and productive dialogue between some of the most influential philosophical figures from East and West.


Nishida, Kitarō, -- 1870-1945.;Nishitani, Keiji, -- 1900-1990.;Tanabe, Hajime, -- 1885-1962.;Philosophy, Japanese.;Philosophy, Comparative.;Continental philosophy.

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