Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy XXXII :

Sedley, David.

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy XXXII : Summer 2007. - 1 online resource (403 pages) - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Ser. . - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy Ser. .

Intro -- Contents -- Socrates' Profession of Ignorance -- The Development of Plato's Theory of Ideas and the 'Socratic Question' -- Persuasion and the Tripartite Soul in Plato's Republic -- Plato's Phaedrus and the Problem of Unity -- Aristotle on the Necessity of Opposites in Posterior Analytics 1. 4 -- Organic Unity and the Matter of Man -- The Union of Cause and Effect in Aristotle: Physics 3. 3 -- Aristotelian Infinity -- Listening to Reason in Aristotle's Moral Psychology -- Phronēsis as a Mean in the Eudemian Ethics -- Aristotle and the Problems of Method in Ethics -- Enquiry and Discovery: A Discussion of Dominic Scott, Plato's Meno -- Philosophy, History, Anthropology: A Discussion of Bernard Williams, The Sense of the Past -- Index Locorum -- A -- C -- D -- E -- H -- K -- L -- P -- S -- T -- X.

Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy is a volume of original articles on all aspects of ancient philosophy. The articles may be of substantial length, and include critical notices of major books. OSAP is now published twice yearly, in both hardback and paperback.'The serial Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy (OSAP) is fairlyregarded as the leading venue for publication in ancient philosophy. Itis where one looks to find the state-of-the-art. That the serial, whichpresents itself more as an anthology than as a journal, hastraditionally allowed space for lengthier studies, has tended only toadd to its prestige; it is as if OSAP thus declares that, since itallows as much space as the merits of the subject require, it can bemore entirely devoted to the best and most serious scholarship.'Michael Pakaluk, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.


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