Feeling Politics :

Redlawsk, David P.

Feeling Politics : Emotion in Political Information Processing. - 1 online resource (279 pages)

Cover -- FEELING POLITICS -- CONTENTS -- List of Tables -- List of Figures -- Notes on Contributors -- Preface -- Chapter 1 Feeling Politics: New Research into Emotion and Politics -- Chapter 2 First Steps Toward a Dual-Process Accessibility Model of Political Beliefs, Attitudes, and Behavior -- Chapter 3 The Measure and Mismeasure of Emotion -- Chapter 4 Contributions of a Sociological Perspective on Affect to the Study of Political Action -- Chapter 5 Affect and Politics: Effects on Judgment, Processing, and Information Seeking -- Chapter 6 Motivated Reasoning, Affect, and the Role of Memory in Voter Decision Making -- Chapter 7 Fear and Loathing in American Elections: Context, Traits, and Negative Candidate Affect -- Chapter 8 The Three Faces of Negative Campaigning: The Democratic Implications of Attack Ads, Cynical News, and Fear-Arousing Messages -- Chapter 9 Racial Cues in Campaign News: The Effects of Candidate Strategies on Group Activation and Political Attentiveness among African Americans -- Chapter 10 I Like Him, But…: Vote Choice When Candidate Likeability and Closeness on Issues Clash -- Chapter 11 The Emotional Calculus of Foreign Policy Decisions: Getting Emotions Out of the Closet -- References -- Index.

As part of the study of emotions and politics, this book explores connections between affect and cognition and their implications for political evaluation, decision and action. Emphasizing theory, methodology and empirical research, Feeling Politics is an important contribution to political science, sociology, psychology and communications.


Political psychology.;Emotions and cognition.;Personality and politics.

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