Hegel on Ethics and Politics.

Pippin, Robert B.

Hegel on Ethics and Politics. - 1 online resource (360 pages) - The German Philosophical Tradition . - The German Philosophical Tradition .

Cover -- Half-title -- Series-title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Source Acknowledgments -- Contributors -- Works by Hegel -- 1 Introduction -- I -- II -- Notes -- I OVERVIEW -- 2 The Rights of Philosophy -- I. Philosophy's Right to Self-Sufficiency -- II. The Usefulness of Philosophy in Relation to the State -- III. The Right to Criticize Existing Right -- The Critical Function of Philosophical Teaching -- Political Critique as Such -- The Relationship of Philosophy to the Exercise of Political Power -- The Sanctions of Critique -- IV. The Limits of Philosophical Critique -- Notes -- 3 Kant, Hegel, and the Contemporary Question Concerning the Normative Foundations of Morality and Right -- I. The Question at Issue -- II. Hegel's Critique of Kant and the Problem of a Meaning-Critical Transformation of Transcendental Philosophy -- III. The Ethical Implications of Hegel's Critique of Kant: Comprehension of the Actual Ethical World and the Aporias of Future-Oriented Action -- III. The Failure of the Speculative-Theoretical Sublation of Practical Reason in the Concept of Ethical Actuality and the Post-Hegelian Problem of the Mediation between Theory… -- IV. The Necessity and Possibility of Regrounding Ethics on the Basis of a Transformed Transcendental Philosophy -- Notes -- II ABSOLUTE RIGHT -- 4 "The Personality of the Will" as the Principle of Abstract Right: An Analysis of 34-40 of Hegel's Philosophy of Right in Terms of the Logical Structure of the Concept -- I.1. The Twofold Role of the Concepts of Personality and Person -- I.2. Analysis of 34-40 -- I.2.1. The Structure of the Introduction to Abstract Right -- I.2.2. The Logical Structure of Hegel's Introduction to Abstract Right -- I.2.2.1. The Developmental Level of the Will in Abstract Right. I.2.2.2. The Individual Moments of the Free Will and Their Significance for Legal and Political Philosophy -- I.2.2.3. The Conceptual Exposition of Abstract Personality in the Sphere of Abstract Right -- Notes -- 5 Person and Property in Hegel's Philosophy of Right (34-81) -- I -- II -- III -- IV -- V -- VI -- VII -- VIII -- IX -- X -- Notes -- 6 Common Welfare and Universal Will in Hegel's Philosophy of Right -- I. The Structure of the Truly Free Will -- II. The "Ethical Life" of Civil Society and the State -- III. Freedom and History -- Notes -- 7 The Contemporary Relevance of Hegel's Concept of Punishment -- I. The Systematic Site of Hegel's Concept of Punishment -- II. Hegel's Concept of Crime -- III. Hegel's Concept of Punishment -- IV. The Contemporary Significance of Hegel's Theory of Punishment -- V. Summary Recapitulation -- Notes -- III ETHICAL LIFE -- 8 Natural Ethical Life and Civil Society: Hegel's Construction of the Family -- Notes -- 9 The Role of Civil Society in Hegel's Political Philosophy -- I -- II -- III -- Notes -- IV THE STATE -- 10 Logical Form and Real Totality: The Authentic Conceptual Form of Hegel's Concept of the State -- Notes -- 11 Constitution, Fundamental Rights, and Social Welfare in Hegel's Philosophy of Right -- I -- II -- III -- IV -- Notes -- 12 Hegel's Organicist Theory of the State: On the Concept and Method of Hegel's "Science of the State" -- I -- II -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.

This books brings together in translation the finest post-war German language scholarship on Hegel's social and political philosophy.


Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich,--1770-1831--Ethics.

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