Travel and Ethnology in the Renaissance :

Rubiés, Joan-Pau.

Travel and Ethnology in the Renaissance : South India through European Eyes, 1250-1625. - 1 online resource (470 pages) - Past and Present Publications . - Past and Present Publications .

Cover -- Half-title -- Series-title -- Title -- Copyright -- Dedication -- Contents -- Illustrations -- PLATES -- MAPS -- Preface -- Acknowledgements -- A note on spelling and vocabulary -- 1. In search of India: the empire of Vijayanagara through European eyes -- THE PROBLEM OF INDIAN CIVILIZATION IN RENAISSANCE EUROPE: A RETROSPECTIVE VIEW -- THE LAST HINDU EMPIRE -- SOURCES AND GENRES: HISTORICAL AND ANTIQUARIAN PERSPECTIVES -- A chronological sequence -- Non-European sources -- A variety of genres -- FOREIGN DESCRIPTIONS AND NATIVE REALITIES -- 2. Marco Polo's India and the Latin Christian tradition -- MONSTERS AND MENTALITIES -- THE LAY TRAVELLER IN THE MEDIEVAL TRADITION -- SOUTH INDIA IN MARCO POLO'S DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD -- LATE MEDIEVAL IDEOLOGIES OF TRAVEL AND THE SECULARIZATION OF PILGRIMAGE -- 3. Establishing lay science: the merchant and the humanist -- THE TRAVELLER IN ITALY: A FLORENTINE ENCOUNTER -- NICOLÒ CONTI'S INDIA: IDOLATRY, BARBARISM AND CIVILIZATION -- THE MERCHANT AND THE 'HIDALGO': THE PERSISTENCE OF MARVELS -- 4. Ludovico de Varthema: the curious traveller at the time of Vasco da Gama and Columbus -- CURIOSITY, DISGUISE AND THE END OF PILGRIMAGE -- THE EMERGENCE OF THE WORLDLY TRAVELLER IN THE LATE MIDDLE AGES -- VARTHEMA IN SOUTH INDIA -- ETHNOGRAPHY AND THE PROBLEM OF RELIGION -- 5. The Portuguese and Vijayanagara: politics, religion and classification -- FIRST ENCOUNTERS AND THE PROBLEM OF CLASSIFICATION -- IMPERIAL IDEOLOGIES -- THE KING OF NARSINGA: THE DISTANT ALLY -- 6. The practice of ethnography: Indian customs and castes -- THE BIRTH OF A COLONIAL ETHNOGRAPHY -- THE PERCEPTION OF CULTURAL DIFFERENCE -- 7. The social and political order: Vijayanagara decoded -- A JOURNEY ACROSS THE MOUNTAINS -- THE MISSING LANGUAGE -- REACHING FOR THE CENTRE. 8. The historical dimension: from native traditions to European orientalism -- IBERIAN HISTORIOGRAPHIES: FROM CONQUEST TO EMPIRE -- THE EUROPEAN HISTORIAN AND HIS NATIVE SOURCES -- MUSLIM HISTORIANS OF INDIA -- RE-DEFINING ORIENTALISM -- FROM A MYTH OF VICTORY TO A MYTH OF DESTRUCTION -- 9. The missionary discovery of South Indian religion: opening the doors of idolatry -- THE BIRTH OF A NEW GENRE -- A CRISIS OF MISSIONARY METHODS -- THE ANALYSIS OF INDIAN RELIGION -- TOWARDS A EUROPEAN DEBATE -- 10. From humanism to scepticism: the independent traveller in the seventeenth century -- SAMUEL PURCHAS AND THE COSMOGRAPHICAL PILGRIMAGE -- PIETRO DELLA VALLE AND THE PILGRIMAGE OF HUMANIST WISDOM -- CATHOLIC IDEALISM AND THE SCEPTICAL CHALLENGE -- Conclusion: Before orientalism -- Appendix -- Bibliography -- MANUSCRIPT SOURCES -- PRIMARY SOURCES -- SECONDARY SOURCES -- Index.

A detailed study of the encounter between Europeans and non-Europeans during the early modern period, first published in 2000.



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