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Descartes, René.

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Cover -- Half-title -- Series-title -- Title -- Copyright -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Introduction -- The origins of The World -- The Treatise on Light -- The Treatise on Man -- The abandonment of The World -- Chronology -- Further reading -- Note on the texts -- The Treatise on Light and related material -- Treatise on Light and other principal objects of the senses -- Chapter 1 On the difference between our sensations and the things that produce them -- Chapter 2 What the heat and the light of fire consist in -- Chapter 3 Hardness and fluidity -- Chapter 4 On the void, and how it comes about that our senses do not perceive certain bodies -- Chapter 5 On the number of elements and their qualities -- Chapter 6 Description of a new world, and the qualities of the matter of which it is composed -- Chapter 7 The Laws of Nature of this new world -- Chapter 8 On the formation of the sun and the stars in this new world -- Chapter 9 On the origin and the course of the planets and comets in general, and of comets in particular -- Chapter 10 Of the planets in general, and in particular of the Earth and the Moon -- Chapter 11 On weight -- Chapter 12 On The ebb and flow of the sea -- Chapter 13 On light -- Chapter 14 On the properties of light -- Chapter 15 That the face of the heaven of this new world must appear to its inhabitants completely like that of our world -- Appendix 1 The Dioptrics -- Discourse 2: Of Refraction -- Appendix 2 The Meteorology -- Discourse 8: On the Rainbow -- The Treatise on Man and related material -- Treatise on Man -- [Part 1: On the machine of the body] -- [Part 2: How the machine of the body is moved] -- [Part 3: The external senses of this machine and how they are related to ours] -- [Part 4: On the internal senses which are to be found in this machine]. [Part 5: On the structure of the brain of this machine, and how the spirits are distributed there so as to cause its… -- The Description of the Human Body and All Its Functions, those that do not depend on the Soul as well as those that do. And… -- [Part 1. Preface] -- [Part 2. On the motion of the heart and the blood] -- [Part 3. On nutrition] -- [Part 4. The bodily parts that are formed in the seed] -- [Part 5. On the formation of the solid parts] -- Index.

An alternative translation and more recent edition of Descartes' important treatise on the nature of the world.


Optics--Early works to 1800.

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