Thinking Critically :

Kubok, Dariusz.

Thinking Critically : The Tradition of Philosophical Criticism and Its Forms in the European History of Ideas. - 1 online resource (310 pages)

Intro -- Table of Contents -- Critical Thinking and Philosophical Criticism - an Outline of the Problem -- Criticism as Paradoxatism. The Heraclitean Critique of the Notion of Opinion -- Criticism as the Basis for the Procedures of Hypothetical Dialectic in Plato's Philosophy -- Aspects of Criticism in Plato's Philosophy -- References to Plato's Theaetetus in book Γ (IV) of Aristotle's Metaphysics -- Conversation and Conservation. Two Kinds of Anti-Dogmatic Criticism in the Philosophy of Politics and their Antecedents in Ancient Greek Forms of Skepticism and Fallibilism -- The Critical Dimension of Locke's Epistemology -- The Old and New Critique of Pure Reason based on Immanuel Kant and Jakob Friedrich Fries -- Criticism as It Was Understood by Hermann Cohen -- Hermann Cohen's Critical Exposition of Kant's Critique of Taste -- Criticism and Rationality in the Lvov-Warsaw School -- Rationality and Criticism in the Views of the Philosophers of the Lvov-Warsaw School and K.R. Popper -- More than Words: from Language to Society. Wittgenstein, Marx, and Critical Theory -- Reflexive Social Critique. On the Dialectical Criticism of Ideology According to Marx and Adorno -- Skepticism and Atheism. Three Types of Relationships -- Criticism in Political Philosophy. On the Advantages of Pragmatism over Ideologized Politics in Light of the Works of Witold Gombrowicz -- Consolatio or Critical Methods? Reflections on Philosophical Counseling -- Plato's Dialectics as a Method of Critical Reflection on Art -- Register.


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