Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism.

Mariev, Sergei.

Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism. - 1 online resource (298 pages) - Byzantinisches Archiv - Series Philosophica Ser. ; v.1 . - Byzantinisches Archiv - Series Philosophica Ser. .

Intro -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Neoplatonic Philosophy in Byzantium -- The Divine Body of the Heavens -- The waves of passions and the stillness of the sea: appropriating neoplatonic imagery and concept formation-theory in middle Byzantine commentaries on Aristotle -- Psellos and his Traditions -- Proclus as Heresiarch: Theological Polemic and Philosophical Commentary in Nicholas of Methone's Refutation (Anaptyxis) of Proclus' Elements of Theology -- Two Conflicting Positions Regarding the Philosophy of Proclus in Eastern Christian Thought of the twelfth Century -- The Reception of Proclus: From Byzantium to the West (an Overview) -- Elementi di demonologia neoplatonica nell'opuscolo bizantino Τίνα περὶ δαιμόνων δοξάζουσιν Ἕλληνες -- Plethon on the Grades of Virtues: Back to Plato via Neoplatonism? -- Europa entdeckt die mittelalterliche byzantinisch-georgische Philosophie -- Selected Bibliography.

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