Contradictory Woolf.

Bolaki, Stella.

Contradictory Woolf. - 1 online resource (327 pages) - Woolf Selected Papers LUP Ser. . - Woolf Selected Papers LUP Ser. .

Cover -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction -- Acknowledgments -- List of Abbreviations -- But...I had said 'but' too often." Why "but"? -- Woolf, Context, and Contradiction -- Did I not banish the soul?" Thinking Otherwise, Woolf-wise -- The Play's The Thing BUT We Are The Thing Itself." Prologue, Performance and Painting. A Multimedia Exploration of Woolf 's Work in the Late 1930's and Her Vision of Prehistory -- Report to the Memoir Club: Scenes from a Colonial Childhood -- "But somebody you wouldn't forget in a hurry": Bloomsbury and the Contradictions of African Art -- Contradictions in Autobiography: Virginia Woolf's Writings on Art -- "But something betwixt and between": Roger Fry and the Contradictions of Biography -- "Can 'I' become 'we'?": Addressing Community in The Years and Three Guineas -- Woolf's Un/Folding(s): The Artist and the Event of the Neo-Baroque -- Woolf's Contradictory Thinking -- The Feeling of Knowing in Mrs. Dalloway: Neuroscience and Woolf -- "When the lights of health go down": Virginia Woolf's Aesthetics and Contemporary Illness Narratives -- Kinetic Tropes, Comedic Turns: Dancing To The Lighthouse -- But Woolf was a Sophisticated Observer of Fashion…: Virginia Woolf, Clothing and Contradiction -- Bi-sexing the Unmentionable Mary Hamiltons in A Room of One's Own: The Truth and Consequences of Unintended Pregnancies an Calculated Cross-Dressing -- Lacanian Orlando -- The Bispecies Environment, Coevolution, and Flush -- From Spaniel Club to Animalous Society: Virginia Woolf's Flush -- Ecology, Identity, and Eschatology: Crossing the Country and the City in Woolf -- "Please Help Me!" Virginia Woolf, Viola Tree, and the Hogarth Press -- "Am I a Snob?" Well, Sort of: Socialism, Advocacy, and Disgust in Woolf's Economic Writing -- "Come buy, come buy": Woolf's Contradictory Relationship to the Marketplace. Virginia Woolf and December 1910: The Question of the Fourth Dimension -- Virginia Woolf on Mathematics: Signifying Opposition -- "A Brief Note in the Margin:" Virginia Woolf and Annotating -- "Observe, Observe Perpetually," Montaigne, Virginia Woolf and the "Patron au Dedans" -- Who's Behind the Curtain? Virginia Woolf, "Nurse Lugton's Golden Thimble", and the Anxiety of Authorship -- Virginia Woolf and the Russian Oxymoron -- "A Dialogue…about this Beauty and Truth": Jorge Luis Borge's Translation of Virginia Woolf's Orlando -- "As I spin along the roads I remodel my life": Travel Films "projected into the shape of Orlando" -- Travesty in Woolf and Proust -- Woolf, Yeats, and the Making of "Spilt Milk" -- Figures of Contradiction: Virginia Woolf's Rhetoric of Genres -- Do Not Feed the Birds: Night and Day and the Defence of the Realm Act -- Approaches to War and Peace in Woolf: "A Chapter on the Future" -- Duncan Grant -- Notes on Contributors -- Conference Program.

Edited collection from acclaimed contemporary Woolf scholars, exploring the theme of contradiction in Virginia Woolf's writing.


Contradiction in literature--Congresses.

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