The Collected Writings of Edward Rushton :

Rushton, Edward.

The Collected Writings of Edward Rushton : (1756-1814). - 1st ed. - 1 online resource (360 pages) - Liverpool English Texts and Studies LUP Ser. . - Liverpool English Texts and Studies LUP Ser. .

Cover -- Contents -- Acknowledgements -- Abbreviations and Short Titles -- Introduction -- An Irregular ODE. -- To the PEOPLE of ENGLAND. -- THE DISMEMBER'D EMPIRE. -- WEST-INDIAN ECLOGUES -- The Neglected Tars of Britain -- NEGLECTED GENIUS: OR, TRIBUTARY STANZAS TO THE MEMORY OF THE UNFORTUNATE CHATTERTON. -- POOR BEN. -- A SONG, Sung at the celebration of the anniversary of The French Revolution, at Liverpool, July 14, 1791. -- THE FIRE OF LIBERTY. -- HUMAN DEBASEMENT. a fragment. -- SEAMEN's NURSERY. -- STANZAS on the ANNIVERSARY of the AMERICAN REVOLUTION -- THE TENDER's HOLD. -- BLUE EYED MARY. -- ELEGY. [To the Memory of Robert Burns] -- SONNET. [The Swallow] -- THE REMEDY [THE LEVIATHAN.] -- SONG. [MARY LE MORE] -- written for the anniversary of the liverpool MARINE SOCIETY. -- SONG. [From Hymns, &c. for the Blind] -- THE MANIAC. -- LUCY's GHOST. a marine ballad. -- SONNET BY A POOR MAN. on the approach of the gout. -- WILL CLEWLINE. -- ODE. Sung at St. John's Chapel, Lancaster, on Tuesday last, being the Anniversary of the LANCASTER MARINE SOCIETY. -- Ode, To France. -- STANZAS ON BLINDNESS. -- TO A REDBREAST in november, Written near one of the Docks of Liverpool. -- SOLICITUDE. -- TOUSSAINT TO HIS TROOPS. -- on THE DEATH of HUGH MULLIGAN. -- TO A BALD-HEADED poetical friend. -- THE ARDENT LOVER. -- THE LASS OF LIVERPOOL. -- WOMAN. -- MARY'S DEATH. -- THE HALCYON. -- THE SHRIKE. -- BRITON, and NEGRO SLAVE. -- ABSENCE. -- ON THE DEATH of A MUCH LOVED RELATIVE. -- ENTREATY. -- A CAUTION TO MY FRIEND J. M. -- THE THROSTLE. -- THE COMPLAINT. -- THE PIER. -- MARY. -- THE ORIGIN of TURTLE AND PUNCH. -- PARODY of a passage in measure for measure. -- THE FAREWELL. -- THE RETURN. -- TO THE GOUT. -- on THE DEATH of MISS E. FLETCHER. -- THE CHASE. -- THE WINTER'S PASSAGE. -- STANZAS ON THE RECOVERY OF SIGHT. ADDRESSED TO MR. B. GIBSON, SURGEON OF MANCHESTER. -- LINES, To the Memory of William Cowdroy, Proprietor of the Manchester Gazette. -- THE FIRE OF ENGLISH LIBERTY. -- [LINES addressed to robt. southey, Esq. Poet Laureat on the publication of his "carmen triumphale"] -- THE EXILE'S LAMENT -- THE COROMANTEES. -- AN EPITAPH on john taylor, (of bolton le moors) who died of the yellow fever, at New York, Sept. 11, 1805. -- to the MEMORY OF BARTHOLOMEW TILSKI, a native of the north of poland, -- JEMMY ARMSTRONG. -- Expostulatory Letter to George Washington, of Mount Vernon, in Virginia, on his continuing to be a Proprietor of Slaves. (1797) -- [Letter to Thomas Paine] (written c. 1800 -- published 1809) -- [Monthly Retrospect of Politics] (1810) -- [Extracts from Letters] (written 1805-1813 -- published 1814) -- A FEW PLAIN FACTS relative to the origin of the Liverpool INSTITUTE FOR THE BLIND. (written 1804 -- published 1817) -- AN ATTEMPT to prove that CLIMATE, FOOD, AND MANNERS, are not the Causes of the Dissimilarity of Colour in the human species. (unknown date -- published 1824) -- [Letter to Samuel Ryley] (written 1814 -- published 1903) -- Mr Rushton's Remarks on Slavery. (unknown date -- unpublished) -- [Letter to Thomas Walker] (written 1806 -- unpublished) -- Glossary -- Commentary: Poems -- Commentary: Prose -- Appendix I -- Appendix II -- Bibliography -- Index.

The first modern edition of the writings of a staunch radical poet from the romantic period, based in Liverpool.



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