Cultures of Anyone :

Moreno-Caballud, Luis.

Cultures of Anyone : Studies on Cultural Democratization in the Spanish Neoliberal Crisis. - 1st ed. - 1 online resource (320 pages) - Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures LUP Ser. . - Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures LUP Ser. .

Cover -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Introduction -- PART I Cultural and Neoliberal 'Modernization' -- 1 Cultural Aspects of the Neoliberal Crisis: Genealogies of a Fractured Legitimacy -- 1.1. Crisis of a Hierarchical, Individualistic Cultural Model -- 1.2. Enlightened Gardeners, or, the Power of Knowledge -- 1.3. 'Transplanting People': Capitalist Modernization and Francoist Technocracy -- 1.4. Pedagogy of 'Normalization' and Cultural Elites -- 2 'Standardizing' from Above: Experts, Intellectuals, and Culture Bubble -- 2.1. Experts in Something and Experts in Everything: The Two Pillars of the Culture of the Transition -- 2.2. Men Who Smoke and Men Who Drink (or, Culture, that Modern Invention) -- 2.3. The Engineer's Great Style: A Depoliticized Aesthetic Modernity -- 2.4. 'Normalization,' Deactivation, and Culture Bubble in the CT -- 3 Arrested Modernities: The Popular Cultures that Could Have Been -- 3.1. Arrested Modernities I: A Culture Rooted in Tradition Faces the Transition -- 3.2. Words in the Kitchen: Subsistence Cultures and Productivist Cultures -- 3.3. Arrested Modernities II: Postwar Cultures and Creative Consumption -- PART II Cultural Democratizations -- 4 Internet Cultures as Collaborative Creation of Value -- 4.1. Genealogies and Contradictions of Digital Cultures -- 4.2. Unpaid Work and Creation of Value on the Internet -- 4.3. The Pleasure of Doing, and Telling What One Does: Self-Representation of Internet Cultures -- 4.4. Two Overlapping yet Clashing Value Systems -- 5 Combining the Abilities of all the Anyones: The 15M Movement and its Mutations -- 5.1. Anyone's Word and the Expert's Word: An Alliance -- 5.2. Sustaining the Plaza and Beyond: Towards a New Cultural Power -- 5.3. Conflict of Authorities: Intellectuals, Mass Media, and the 15M Climate. 5.4. 'The Boxer and the Fly': Nomadism and Sustainability after the Plazas -- 6 Towards More Democratic Cultural Institutions? -- 6.1. The Self-Managed Culture in its Life Spaces -- 6.2. Under the Ambiguous Umbrella of the Public Sector -- 6.3. Between Institution and Experimentation: Why Hasn't There Been a Marea de la Cultura? -- 6.4. 'Making Us Be': The Question of Forms of (Self-)Representation -- Epilogue: Cultures of Anyone: A Proposal for Encounters -- Works Cited -- Index.

This book focuses on the rise of sharing and collaboration practices among peers in Spanish digital cultures and social movements in the wake of Spain's financial meltdown of 2008.


Democracy--Spain--History--21st century.

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