State and Intellectuals in Turkey :

Dincsahin, Sakir.

State and Intellectuals in Turkey : The Life and Times of Niyazi Berkes, 1908-1988. - 1 online resource (187 pages)

Intro -- Contents -- Foreword -- Guide to Turkish Pronunciation -- Introduction -- 1 The Environment and Early Influences Shaping the Political Ideas of Niyazi Berkes in British Cyprus, 1908-1922 -- 2 The Education and Early Career of Niyazi Berkes during the Construction of the Kemalist State and Ideology, 1922-1933 -- 3 Kemalist University Reform, the Great Depression, and the Graduate Education of Niyazi Berkes, 1933-1939 -- 4 Niyazi Berkes's Role in Power Struggles of the Post-Atatürk Period, 1939-1945 -- 5 The Ankara University Unrest and the Construction of Right-Wing Ideology in Turkey, 1945-1950 -- 6 Niyazi Berkes's Contributions to Islamic Studies -- 7 The 1960 Coup D'état and Niyazi Berkes's Formative Kemalist Contributions to the Turkish Left, 1960-1988 -- Conclusion -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the Author.

Niyazi Berkes, a prominent figure in Turkish political thought, lived through the transitional period in which the Republic of Turkey was founded on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. Berkes's political and intellectual biography thus affords a unique vantage point from which the author both studies Turkish political thought and examines the interplay between political history and intellectual biography.


Berkes, Niyazi.

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