Story of Islamic Philosophy :

Bashier, Salman H.

Story of Islamic Philosophy : Ibn Tufayl, Ibn Al-'Arabi, and Others on the Limit Between Naturalism and Traditionalism. - 1 online resource (210 pages)

The Story of Islamic Philosophy: Ibn Ṭufayl, Ibn al-'Arabī, and Others on the Limit between Naturalism and Traditionalism -- The Story of Islamic Philosophy: Ibn Ṭufayl, Ibn al-'Arabī, and Others on the Limit between Naturalism and Traditionalism -- Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- Chapter 1: The File of Illuminationist Philosophy and the Purpose of Writing Ḥayy -- The Legend of Eastern Philosophy -- Eastern and Western Schools of Philosophy -- Plato and Aristotle: The Heart and the Voice of Islamic Philosophy -- The Purpose of Writing Ḥayy -- Chapter 2: The Introduction -- Mystical Expression and Experience: Fundamental Ṣūfῑ Concepts -- Knowledge1, Knowledge2, and Ghazālī's Niche of Lights -- Ibn Sīnā's Liminal Depiction of the Mystical Experience -- Salāmān and Absāl: The Hermetistic Version -- Ibn Sīnā's Version -- Chapter 3: The Naturalistic Account of Ḥayy's Birth -- Ibn Ṭufayl's Method of Concealment -- Spontaneous Generation -- A Liminal Depiction of the Chain of Existents -- In the Earth of Barzakh -- Plato's Myth of Spontaneous Generation -- Chapter 4: The Traditionalistic Account from the End -- Divine Origins and Illuminative Gradations -- Imitation and Interpretation -- Ibn Ṭufayl's Liminal Declaration -- Chapter 5: The Origination of the World -- Between Plato and Aristotle -- Aristotle's Concept of the Infinite -- Ibn Ṭufayl's Liminal Stand -- Chapter 6: The Shadow of Fārābī -- Philosophy's Ultimate Mission -- The Origination of Language -- The Quest for Unity -- The Development of Meanings -- Two Conceptions of Dialectic -- Chapter 7: The Shadow of Ibn Bājja -- Ibn Bājja on the Chain of Existents and Self-Intellection -- The Presence of the Parable of the Cave -- Chapter 8: The Traditionalistic Account from the Beginning -- The Emphasis on Balance and Equilibrium -- The Discovery of Fire. The Sleepers in the Cave -- The Encounter between Moses and al-Khaḍir -- Moses in Fuṣūṣ al-Ḥikam -- Chapter 9: Gilgamesh: The One Who Saw the Abyss -- The Builder of the Great Walls and the Man-As-He-Was-In-The-Beginning -- Intercourse as an Act of Writing -- In Company with Gilgamesh -- Enkidu's Death -- The Quest for Eternal Life -- The Encounter with Utnapishtim -- In the Underworld -- Chapter 10: The Tale of Bulūqiya between Ibn al-'Arabī and Gilgamesh -- The Tale of Ḥāsib Karīm al-Dīn -- The Quest for the Plant of Life -- The Mystical Dimension -- Conclusion -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index.


Islamic philosophy -- History.;Naturalism.;Tradition (Philosophy).

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