The Utopia Experiment

Evans, Dylan

The Utopia Experiment - United Kingdom; Pan Macmillan; 2015 - 274 Pages; Hardback

Imagine you have survived an apocalypse. Civilization as you knew it is no more. What will life be like and how will you cope? In 2006, Dylan Evans set out to answer these questions. He left his job in a high-tech robotics lab, moved to the Scottish Highlands and founded a community called The Utopia Experiment. There, together with an eclectic assortment of volunteers, he tried to live as if global society had collapsed. No modern technology. No creature comforts. Within a year, Evans found himself detained in a psychiatric hospital, shattered and depressed, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. In The Utopia Experiment he tells his own extraordinary story, and in the process learns some hard lessons about himself and about life today.



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