Only Blue Will Do

Rippon, Mark

Only Blue Will Do - United Kingdom: Troubador Publishing; 2014 - 272 pages; Paperback

Kate and Hugh are part of a university scientific expedition in the snowy wastes of Norway, investigating the environmental impact of climate change. Whilst on a routine sample collecting exercise on a bleak snow field, Hugh discovers two bodies buried in the ice. An excavation of the site is prioritised but, with night falling quickly and temperatures plunging, Hugh is left to keep watch alone, until he is joined later by Kate. During the night, the site is visited by a wolf and a man dressed in ancient Nordic clothing who steal the bodies and disappear off into a blizzard. Kate and Hugh follow the strange pair but succumb to the cold. Awaking from unconsciousness, they meet the man they have been chasing - 'the Guardian' and his guide Janus, a wolf and her cub Lado. Janus explains that both he and the Guardian have been battling to prevent chaos overturning the unity of the 'paraverse', which is being threatened by Prince Adren. In this paraverse, each universe, planet, ecosystem and creature, no matter how distant, is connected, and Hugh and Kate are part of the key to preventing the Prince turning order to chaos. To do this they have to face Prince Adren in different time periods in different guises, with varied outcomes, until they can finally overcome him...


Science fiction