Welcome the Newbies

Wordloner, Drew

Welcome the Newbies - United Kingdom: Troubador Publishing; 2015 - 232 Pages; Paperback

Cyberspace City is overpopulated and corrupted. An Elite group of CyberCriminals want to take over. An administrator is held captive by his past. Four Cyberheroes will rise to make an Empire fall! But in Cyberspace, is all what it seems? Welcome to the first instalment of sci-fi series 'Psycho Webisodes'. Welcome The Newbies is an action-adventure novel featuring a group of unlikely Cyberheroes, namely a cynical administrator Dr. Burrows, a bumbling occult detective Captain Bryan, a socially awkward genius Mr.Webz, a crash-test android Dullhard and a 4'8" African-American armourer Chip Micro. When Dr. Burrows is kidnapped by mysterious skull entities, the team must find out why they took him and by whom, although their efforts are thwarted when Cyberheroes across the huge interconnected multicultural megalopolis are deleted like flies in the web. Even so, in high-octane action they soon find the answers they're looking for! Meanwhile, Burrows himself must face his unpleasant past as an elite group of CyberCriminals known as The Newbies plan to embark on a New World Order by taking over the worldwide web. With the odds against them in this action packed-saga, can the Cyberheroes rescue Dr. Burrows and save Cyberspace City from tyranny? Login to find out. Welcome The Newbies is a satire on 1980s action movies and current comic book films, set in the world of Cyberspace City, that will appeal primarily to sci-fi readers and fans of adventure novels.


Science fiction