Good Coup Gone Bad :

Chachavalpongpun, Pavin.

Good Coup Gone Bad : Thailand's Political Development since Thaksin's Downfall. - 1 online resource (320 pages)

Intro -- Table of Contents -- Section I: The 2006 Military Coup: Impact on the Thai Political Landscape -- 1. "Good Coup" Gone Bad: Thailand's Political Developments since Thaksin's Downfall by Pavin Chachavalpongpun -- 2. Unfinished Business: The Contagion of Conflict over a Century of Thai Political Development by Federico Ferrara -- Section II: Defending the Old Political Consensus: The Military and the Monarchy -- 3. Broken Power: The Thai Military in the Aftermath of the 2006 Coup by James Ockey -- 4. The Monarchy and Anti-Monarchy: Two Elephants in the Room of Thai Politics and the State of Denial by Thongchai Winichakul -- 5. Freedom and Silencing under the Neo-Absolutist Monarchy Regime in Thailand, 2006-2011 by David Streckfuss -- Section III: New Political Discourses and the Emergence of Yellows and Reds -- 6. "Vote No!": The PAD's Decline from Powerful Movement to Political Sect? by Michael H. Nelson -- 7. The Red Shirts: From Anti-Coup Protesters to Social Mass Movement by Nick Nostitz -- 8. Is Peasant Politics in Thailand Civil? by Andrew Walker -- Section IV: Crises of Legitimacy -- 9. Reaping the Whirlwind: Thailand's Coup and the Southern Problem by Marc Askew -- 10. From Marketplace back to Battlefield: Thai-Cambodian Relations in the Age of a Militarized Politics by Pavin Chachavalpongpun -- Index -- Photo plates.

What did the 2006 military coup show us? It demonstrated that the crux of the Thai crisis is far more serious and much wider in scope than had previously been thought. The monarchy is surely not a victim in the protracted conflict, but the root cause and continuing factor that has eroded Thai politics. The coup set in motion more prejudicial uses of the lèse-majesté law, and in the process, has led to more political prisoners. It has also shredded the military into several segments, turning g...


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