Law and the Islamization of Morocco under the Almoravids :

Gómez-Rivas, Camilo.

Law and the Islamization of Morocco under the Almoravids : The Fatwas of Ibn Rushd Al-Jadd to the Far Maghrib. - 1st ed. - 1 online resource (217 pages) - Studies in the History and Society of the Maghrib Ser. ; v.6 . - Studies in the History and Society of the Maghrib Ser. .

Intro -- Acknowledgements -- Contents -- Introduction -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Historical and Historiographical Background -- 3 The Muftī -- 4 Urban Development of the Far Maghrib -- 5 Mālikī Law and Custom in the Far Maghrib -- 6 The Development of the Network and Its Activity as seen through al-Wansharīsī's Miʿyār and Qāḍī Iyāḍ's Tartīb al-Madārik -- 7 Book Structure -- Chapter 1 -- Fatwās to Marrakesh: Regulation of the City Market and the Symbolic Authority of Mālikī Learning -- 1 Introduction -- 2 The Founding and Development of Marrakesh -- 3 The Motor of Gold: Two Questions Involving Gold Exchange -- 4 Mediating Exchange: Two Questions over Commercial Disputes -- 5 Transmitting and Developing Juristic Knowledge: Two Questions Resolving Contradictions within the School -- 6 The Symbolic Religious Authority of Cordoba: the Case of the Man who Wouldn't Remove his Turban and the Case of the Apostate -- Chapter 2 -- Fatwās to the Far Maghrib: Ibn Rushd's Consultations for the Amīr and Cases of Murder and Stolen Cattle -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Questions from the Almoravid Leadership: On the Permissibility of Ashʿarism and the Exceptionalism of the Islamic Maghrib -- 3 Two Technical Questions from al-ʿIdwa: Ritual and Murder -- 4 The Islamicization of Property: Partitioning and Gifts from Plunder -- Chapter 3 -- Fatwās to Ceuta: Water Rights, Judicial Review, and Ibn Rushd's Correspondence with al-Qāḍī ʿIyāḍ -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Historical Background -- 3 The Qāḍī -- 4 Islamic Water Law -- 5 The First Ruling -- 6 The Case Re-opened: Judicial Review and Avoiding Harm -- 7 ʿIyāḍ's Case Part II: Riparian Dispute, Avoiding Harm, and Water Rights Adjudication -- Epilogue -- Appendix A: Breakdown of the Fatwās in al-Wansharīsī's Miʿyār by Subject and Region -- Appendix B: Fatwās Chapter One -- Appendix C: Fatwās Chapter Two. Appendix D: Fatwā Chapter Three, The Case of the Gardeners vs. the Miller -- Bibliography -- Index.

Law and the Islamization of Morocco under the Almoravids. The Fatwās of Ibn Rushd al-Jadd to the Far Maghrib investigates the development of legal institutions in the Far Maghrib during its unification with al-Andalus under the Almoravids (434-530/1042-1147).


Ibn Rushd, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, -- 1058-1126.;Law -- Morocco -- History -- To 1500.;Islamic law -- Morocco -- History -- To 1500.;Almoravides.;Fatwas -- Morocco -- History -- To 1500.

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