Introducing the Freud Wars: A Graphic Guide

Wilson, Stephen

Introducing the Freud Wars: A Graphic Guide - Compact ed - United Kingdom; Icon Books Ltd; 06 Sep 2012 - 176 Pages; Paperback

Compact INTRODUCING guide on the debates surrounding psychoanalysis's most contested figure. Freud is universally recognised as a pivotal figure in modern culture. Yet the man and his work continually attract scandal, outrage and scientific suspicion. Was he a psychological genius or a peddler of humbug? Despite his atheism, did he invent a new religious cult? Is he to blame for disguising the prevalence of sexual abuse? Is there an Oedipus Complex? Was he a drug addict? A wittily illustrated glimpse behind the demonised myths to the heart of a red-hot debate.


Psychoanalytical theory (Freudian psychology)