Energy, Demand and New Findings

O'Brien, Dr. Rosaleen

Energy, Demand and New Findings - United Kingdom; Upfront Publishing; 26 Mar 2012 - 160 Pages; Hardback

This book has to capture the heart of the reader. Rosaleen has produced yet another masterpiece, as her poetic talent knows no bounds. Her style is jaunty, amusing, entertaining and above all informmative, showing a style that she has made her own. As she compares energy demands in various countries, she points to the sustainability factors and takes this book to the fireplaces. of every home, college, and university. all member of all communities who endorse HRH Prince Charles's work with reference to 'Going Green' will use this information to act as a catalyst to take them forward and enjoy a cleaner, more affordable environment. Rosaleen has such writing techniques that she fires passion from her fountain pen. Having read this book the reader will go on making choices about energy only the choice now will mean a better informed choice. Reminding us that there is no free lunch and everything we do has a consequence, this 'best Selling Author' has been described as a writer with enormous talent and is obviously comfortable with her readers. When asked what made her write on energy, she responded that there are some countries where it is law that one can only use electricity for one hour a day, this caused her to see that such people face anxiety provoking situation on a daily basis and she says it inspired her to research and write on the subject. Energy - is a thought provoking book and issues like fracking, wind turbines, and use of coal are all addressed in simple straightforward language by this writer who writes with such panache...Enjoy.


Environmentalist thought & ideology