Father Nandru and the Wolves

Garner, Julian

Father Nandru and the Wolves - United Kingdom; Oberon Books Ltd; 18 Mar 2014 - 96 Pages; Paperback

A lost village, star-crossed lovers, mysterious wolves and the extraordinary story of a community trying to save what is most precious to them, before it is too late. Five hundred years ago, founding fathers built a log church in a small village deep in the heart of Transylvania, where the villagers still worship. Despite the priest's fondness for tuica (a local plum brandy) and a tendency to side with the Tsigani in local disputes, life remained pretty much unchanged. But when Eveline, the lop-faced daughter of a leading family, elopes with Vadim, the crippled son of the Roma dancing clan, Father Nandru has twenty four hours to pull the situation back from the brink. At the last moment, mysterious wolves emerge from the forest with surprising advice before Father Nandru has a catastrophic vision of the village's demise. Now the little community must put aside their differences once and for all and pull together if anything is to survive into the future.


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