And the Land Lay Still

Robertson, James

And the Land Lay Still - United Kingdom; Penguin Books Ltd; 2011 - 673 Pages; Paperback

"And the Land Lay Still" is the sweeping Scottish epic by James Robertson. "And the Land Lay Still" is nothing less than the story of a nation. James Robertson's breathtaking novel is a portrait of modern Scotland as seen through the eyes of natives and immigrants, journalists and politicians, drop-outs and spooks, all trying to make their way through a country in the throes of great and rapid change. It is a moving, sweeping story of family, friendship, struggle and hope - epic in every sense. The winner of the Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Award 2010, "And the Land Lay Still" is a masterful insight into Scotland's history in the twentieth century and a moving, beautifully written novel of intertwined stories.


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