The Ethics of Work

White, Sheila Stokes

The Ethics of Work - United Kingdom; Management Books 2000 Ltd; 2014 - 218 Pages; Paperback

A recent spate of high-profile court cases has drawn attention once again to the need for responsible and ethical management at the highest levels, both in business and in government. Much has been written about the theory and principles of ethical management, but there has been little guidance on the practicalities. The Ethics of Work provides a practical guide to ethical management based on real-life experience at the top. Author and management consultant Sheila Stokes White has conducted a unique research programme interviewing dozens of business leaders of major organisations in both public and private sectors to establish what works and what doesn t work in practice. This book presents her findings. The result is an evidence-based analysis which will prove invaluable reading to all business leaders wanting to improve their ethical performance. Contrary to public perceptions most managers understand the need for ethical management; this book will show them how to put it into practice.


Ethics and moral philosophy
Business ethics and social responsibility