Strip the Willow

Aberdein, John

Strip the Willow - United Kingdom: Birlinn General; 2009 - 288 Pages; Paperback

'Before you could sort a city out, you had to clean up the source'. That is the challenge Lucy faces...For years she made that common mistake: her heart was blocked, she thought she was alone. Now, as predatory LeopCorp gets set to pounce on a bankrupt Uberdeen, her quest for fellow-resisters has to speed up pronto. Feisty Alison? Subtle anarchist Iris? Ruthless young Gwen? The big fisherman with a chip on his deck, the Cretan professor - or the smart anti-capitalist clowns? Perhaps the overcrowded Polish workers - or the wounded haunting stranger that has rolled back into town? Or is Lucy simply past it? Might as well retreat to Morocco and let GrottoLotto take over the streets for a new global bonanza...? Black political satire meets salty, funny love story. "Strip the Willow" reveals itself as a dance of vision, desire, plotting and despair. The apocalypse when it comes is pretty damn sharp, the tenderness real. A vivid, breathtaking tale, "Strip the Willow" is the long-awaited second novel by the author of Saltire award-winning "Amande's Bed".


Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)