Information Overlord

Holland, Ron G.

Information Overlord - United Kingdom: Filament Publishing; 2013 - 311 Pages; Paperback

The volume of information, instant messages, urgent social media, emails and texts has now reached the point that it is seriously impacting on us all to a point where it is becoming the most important thing in our lives. Despite the fact that it is impacting on our productivity at work, and interrupts almost every moment of our day, to be disconnected from it is almost unthinkable. How have we become so addicted to being always connected? International author Ron G. Holland believes you can take back control of your life and still enjoy the benefits of social media and your gadgets - providing you have a strategy! Since the birth of the Internet and cheap access to technology with amazing functions, our interaction with information has grown exponentially. Whilst this has brought huge value to people's lives, it has also brought with it the massive challenge of dealing with ever increasing volumes of information, much of which has no relevance to us whatsoever. So how can we manage our lives at home and at the workplace effectively with all this diversionary data and information coming our way? How can we make sure that we only get the valuable insights into our hands, use them to make important decisions and confidently share with friends and colleagues? This incredible 'non-technical' book written by bestselling self-help author Ron G. Holland will transform your life. In simply layman's terms, together with practical tips and advice, it will show you how to better understand the global age; make information your slave and not your master; free your mind from multiple sources of information and 'data noise', and free up valuable time and increase your productivity. By reading this book, you CAN become an Information Overlord!


Internet: general works
Business innovation