Time Warped : Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception

Hammond, Claudia

Time Warped : Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception - United Kingdom; Canongate Books Ltd; 2013 - 352 Pages; Paperback

Winner of the 2013 British Psychological Society's Book Awards Popular Science category. Time rules our lives, but how much do we really understand it? In Time Warped, we meet the people willing to go to extreme lengths to find out. They travel to Costa Rica to find out if hummingbirds can sense the passage of time, they walk towards the edge of a stairwell blindfolded and one man spends two months in an ice cave in total darkness - all in an attempt to fathom the tricks time can play on our minds. Drawing on the latest research from psychology, neuroscience and biology, award-winning BBC Radio4 presenter Claudia Hammond delves into the mysteries of time perception. She shows us how to manage time more efficiently, why it speeds up as you get older and, ultimately, how to use the warping of time to our own advantage.


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