Introduction to Antiphilosophy

Groys, Boris

Introduction to Antiphilosophy - United Kingdom; Verso Books; 26 Mar 2012 - 304 Pages; Hardback

Traditional philosophy, claims Boris Groys in this provocative new work, promised to satisfy the desire for knowledge. But why should I bother with knowledge and philosophy at all? What motives lead me to such a project? Antiphilosophy in its various guises is directed not against this or that particular philosophy but against the philosophical project itself. That project is now interpreted as a symptom of frustration, a lack of true vitality, or of the product of an unjust society. Asked why we should want philosophy the answer is no longer a theory but rather an appeal and a command: Live dangerously! Change the world! Think rhizomatically! And then you will know. Groys explores these questions and answers via figures as varied as Bakhtin, Benjamin, Derrida, Heidegger, Junger, Kierkegaard, Kojeve and Nietzsche.


Popular philosophy