How Many Fish in the Sea?: Daniel Pauly

How Many Fish in the Sea?: Daniel Pauly - 1 online resource (streaming video file) - Duration: 70 minutes

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Originally produced by The Green Interview in 2011.

Interview with Daniel Pauly, arguably the world's most prolific and widely-cited living fisheries scientist. He has been described as iconoclastic, irreverent, and a global thinker. He is an outspoken and often controversial critic of modern fishing practices and the fishing industry, which he says "has acted like a terrible tenant who trashes their rental." He is the author of 3 books including his most recent, Five Easy Pieces: How Fishing Impacts Marine Ecosystems. Using articles he co-authored that were originally published between 1995 and 2003 in the journals Nature and Science, Pauly illustrates how the initially-contested view that the fisheries crisis is global in nature eventually became accepted by the mainstream scientific community and the public. Pauly is also the originator of the phrase "shifting baseline syndrome," which describes how each generation of fisheries scientist accepts as a baseline the stock size and species composition that occurred at the beginning of their careers. A view that ignores historical accounts of abundance and leads to a very limited expectation of what a fishery should look like.

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