Advertising Layout Part I: Space Allocations

Advertising Layout Part I: Space Allocations - 1 online resource (streaming video file) - Duration: 20 minutes

Title from title frames. In Process Record.

Originally produced by D.E. Visuals in 2010.

Excellent for any course in advertising, advertising creative or graphic design. Suggests the proper space allocation for the illustration, headline, copy and logo. Discusses whether to use a photograph or original art for the illustration. Covers headline issues such as overprinting, reverse type and typefaces. Shows examples of the optical center, symmetrical and asymmetrical balance and the Kodak "role of thirds." Covers the layout techniques of vertical half, horizontal half, corner half, white space, bleed, and borders. Concludes with a discussion and examples of "simplicity", "unity" and "harmony" in layout design.

Mode of access: World Wide Web.

In English

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Journalism Marketing; Advertising and PR