Sense Me

Salman, Annum

Sense Me - United Kingdom; AuthorHouseUK; 2019 - 164 Pages; Paperback

Hold this book in your hand, touch its cover, read the lines with your eyes, taste the words on your lips, experience the silence between the noise, and smell the nostalgia in this present. Let the pieces of one world help complete yours. Sense Me allows the reader to make a journey into the unknown to explore their own senses and emotions to grasp the familiarities and unfamiliarities of the world around. Sense Me is about feeling love, loss, happiness, anxiety, healing, and fear through self, family, and loved ones. Sense Me is the debut poetry book by Annum Salman who is a spoken-word poet from Pakistan, currently residing in the UK. In this book, she shares her experiences being a woman, a daughter, and a foreigner undergoing mental-health issues, sexism, and racism.