The Innocent Anthropologist : Notes From a Mud Hut

Barley, Nigel

The Innocent Anthropologist : Notes From a Mud Hut - England; Eland; 2011 - 190 Pages; Paperback

The wittiest introduction to the life of a social anthropologist ever written. Studying in the Cameroons for his first experience of fieldwork, Barley discovers that the society of the Dowayo people refuses to conform to the rules of his new discipline. Although set amongst a little-known tribe in the Cameroons, this slim volume reaches out to a vast audience who would otherwise never look at a travel book about West Africa, let alone an anthropological field study. A seminal text for any student in search of a laugh. Witty, hilarious and unconventional, but also a remarkable intellectual achievement. Barley manages to turn the western science of anthropology on its head, so that for once the laugh is on the professional practitioners not the observed.


Doyayo (African people)