Eavan Boland: A Poet's Dublin

Boland, Eavan

Eavan Boland: A Poet's Dublin - United Kingdom; Carcanet Press Ltd; 31 May 2014 - 96 Pages; Paperback

Published to celebrate the seventieth birthday of acclaimed Irish poet Eavan Boland, this book brings together many of Boland's best known poems with her own striking photographs of her native city, Dublin. Through juxtaposition of text and image, place and memory, the book creates a unique portrait of the city: 'fragments', Boland says, 'can point at something accurately'. A Poet's Dublin also includes an introduction by Jody Allen Randolph and a conversation between Eavan Boland and Paula Meehan in which the two poets reflect on their shared city and the central role it has played in their lives and in their work.


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