Intikhab-e-kalam: Ameer Meenai (Urdu)

Meenai, Ameer

Intikhab-e-kalam: Ameer Meenai (Urdu) - Pakistan; OUP; 2013. - 64 Pages; Paperback

Ameer Meenai is noteworthy for his devotional poetry, which has been represented in this volume. Hitherto, the sheer volume of his poetic works had made Meenai only partially available to a wide readership. With this selection, that barrier has been removed. Meenai's first poetry collection was Ghairat e Baharistan, which was ready for publication but destroyed during the 1857 War of Independence. Among his published poetry collections, Miraat ul Ghaib and Sanam Khana e Ishq were popular. He also published a collection of his Persian poetry. He compiled a dictionaryAmeer ul Lughaat, of which two volumes were published in 1891 and 1892 and the third in 2010.