Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems

Komunyaka, Yusef

Neon Vernacular: New and Selected Poems - UK; Wesleyan University Press; 1993 - 178 Pages; Paperback

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1994

"Quite simply, Komunyakaa is one of the most extraordinary poets writing today...He takes on the most complex moral issues, the most harrowing ugly subjects of our American life. His voice, whether it embodies the specific experiences of a black man, a soldier in Vietnam, or a child in Bogalusa, Louisiana, is universal. It shows us in ever deeper ways what it is to be human."--Toi Derricotte, Kenyon Review "Yusef Komunyakaa is a poet whose work, over ten years and many books, continues to grow in complexity and beauty, Neon Vernacular includes some of the best Vietnam testimony, in verse or prose, that I've ever read. Komunyakaa's whole oeuvre explores and re/members the double consciousness at work in the construction of African-American male identity."--Marilyn Hacker, The Nation "This collection is comprised of poems from seven of Komunyakaa's previous collections. A master at interweaving memory and history to shape his experiences into narratives, he enriches his poems with details . . . As an African American, he defines a culture with striking imagery that is often misunderstood by mainstream readers. Highly recommended"--Library Journal "Komunyakaa's best poems are jazzy and improvisational, razor-sharp pieces that tell us more about our culture than any news broadcast"--Bloomsbury Review Kenyon Review" The Nation" Library Journal" Bloomsbury Review"